A family before, then a Business

OverviewFX Ltd was founded with the idea of giving the right education on forex trading to all the people who wanted to learn. After teaching and writing books, we noticed a lack of funding in most of the traders that causes a constant loss of small accounts due to over-leveraging. Speaking with all our students and followers, we decided to found Overview Funding Program (OFP) to give everyone the chance to manage a high capital account with real-world risk management.

Our values are at the core of everything we do:


We believe that everyone should be able to follow their dreams, with passion and hard work. We built Overview Funding Program to empower everyone with no discrimination. OverviewFX and Overview Funding Program are growing fast and this is due to the dedication and passion that all the members are putting in.


Overview Funding Program is transparent, equalitarian, and always available to its customers. We treat every trader as part of our family. The decision to work with the best broker (ICMarkets) has been made to give everyone the possibility to trade in real market conditions. Transparency is our first rule.


Overview Funding Program has relentlessly high standards, we are continually raising the bar to deliver the best service possible. We are currently giving the possibility to be funded with 100,000 €, our main goal is to bring the service up to 500,000 € per trader.


Here at OFP, we think BIG. We are always working towards the next goal and we never settle for anything but the best. OverviewFX and then Overview Funding Program was born from nothing. If we arrived where we are now it’s just thanks to our mentality. Think big…always.


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71-75 Shelton Street, London, UK

Company No. 13699305.

OFP Team

OFP is managed by traders. We believe in dedication, transparency and hard work. Our Team has the role to bring OFP to be a stone in the Prop Firm industry respecting all our competitors.


Ruggero Catalano Rossi Danielli


Marcello Chiesa

General Manager

David Bernardi

Content Creator

Ilaria Rosso

Customer Service Manager

Vaino Roger Gaweseb

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Overview Funding Program (OFP) is a branch of OverviewFX LTD. OverviewFX LTD is a legally recognized company based in London, UK. Our legal headquarter is at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, U.K. Company No. 13699305. All our businesses are subjected to UK law.

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