Our prop firm is based on one simple prop trading concept:

– You’ve just to think about trading

That’s why we don’t stress traders with:

• Challenge

• Verification

• Profit Targets 

Plus, we pay a net 25% profits on our Monthly demo accounts and till 40% on our Weekly demo accounts…

in addition to this,

our Prop Firm is the One&Only firm in this market that rewards your presence with our FIDELITY PROGRAM..

precious OFP POINTS can be used for discounts on your purchases!

You can choose accounts in different currencies and sizes like 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K

and trade on Forex Pairs, Crypto, Stock, Indices, Commodities and Metals with the Lowest Spread in the market!

More than 35% of our traders are in payout and even the most profitable retail traders and Ex big prop firm traders preferred our payouts instead of an unreachable 80% ones…

It sucks to aim high and miss it!

Trading is the dream of many, probably even yours, that’s why OFP exists.

it’s easier and cheaper to aim for a 25% or a 40% of payout with a Clear, Direct and

INSTANT FUNDING access rather than follow a dream of getting an 80% where only 2% of those who try reach it.

The solution is in OFP, a solution chosen by an average of +1000 new customers each month.

We at OFP have put all our efforts to make this big change in the funded trading and numbers talk alone:

• OFP= 35% of traders get a payout.

• Other prop firms= 2% gets a payout.

Normally a trader who spends 2 months struggling to pass a challenge in other prop firms has an average of 3,8 payouts with OFP in the first 2 months.

Time is worth it and money too!

Make your best choice, become an OFP TRADER today and reward your trading, your  time and YOURSELF with a more reachable net 25% payout paid monthly or till a 40% weekly as you prefer.

Thousands of traders around the world are trading at this moment with us at OFP, many traders are receiving their payout right now,

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