Monthly 50,000

OFP Accounts have 3 simple rules: max 5% Daily  Drawdown, max 10% Max Drawdown and minimum 3 trading days a week.
Read the full regulations here.

There are no Profit Targets or Challenges to accessing the funds. There are no restrictions on your trading style, trade consistently using your favourite style (even during news).

Start by choosing the account currency, the price of the account depends on the chosen currency!

Choose the Account Currency:

Choose the Account Currency:

Use up to 8040 - 15200 points to purchase this product!

Account sale prices are listed in GBP and they change from the currency of the chosen trading account.
The price change is due to the difference between the sterling pound and the selected currency.

10K GBP is ~23% more than 10K USD.
The account price reflects this:
£92 = 10K USD 
£125 = 10K GBP